Patents: MegaStrojtorg, ChUP, Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus
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Patents MegaStrojtorg, ChUP

The production technology the Door cloth "Megastroy" consists - of an internal framework from wood (more often than coniferous breeds) with lateral thickenings in a middle part of a cloth for insert of locks on the one hand and for fastening of door loops - with another. The framework of a door is made of a bar 32*50, under a glazing (panel) the bar 32*15 is used, emptiness is filled with a cellular filler, from two parties MDF 3 of mm is pasted and pasted over with an interline interval of an oak or a beech (use of an interline interval of other breeds of a tree is possible). For pasting MULTIBOND glue is used, the door is ground and becomes covered by a semi-gloss varnish of VD-AK (production "MAV", RB). Our technology allows to make smooth and filenchaty, deaf and under glass, left-and right-hand, shponirovanny, laminated and t.p doors. Doors "Megastroy" have the high density as the cardboard filler located on all area of a cloth provides excellent sound insulation. Door cloths "Megastroy" are facilitated therefore they do not sink on loops and in a year are closed easily, as well as after installation. Of course, on door durability with cellular filling concede to doors from the massif. They do not approach as entrance doors, but are excellent option for use in the apartment, at home, of office. Why cellular fillers? Cellular filler represents the cellular structure created from tonkolistny materials, in a form reminding bee honeycombs (the name from here - "cellular"). Key parameter of cellular filler is the cell size which represents the cell side size. Along with high Massot / strength indicators the cellular filler consisting to 95% of air possesses good zvuko-and thermal insulation, well absorbs energy. Paper cellular fillers also possess a complex of unique properties: high specific durability and rigidity, ease, the good warm and soundproofing characteristics, ecological purity, low cost. Now the paper cellular fillers (PCF) find application in the furniture industry (covers of tables, furniture boards, regiments etc.), construction (door cloths, partitions, overlappings etc.), motor transport floor panel etc.


patents MegaStrojtorg, ChUP Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus